How Do You Deep Clean A Lounge?

Upholstered furniture like couches, dining table chairs, reclining chairs in your lounge, give a plush look to the house. However, furniture upholstered with cushions, leather and padding is difficult to maintain and even difficult to clean on a regular basis. Nonetheless, the furniture in your house can be deep cleaned and thus kept clean and smelling nice all day long!  Read ahead to know what are the methods that can be used for deep cleaning the furniture in a lounge that will leave the place looking akin to getting a professional lounge cleaning. Deep cleaning can be done for all types of fabric upholstered furniture, that includes fabric made of microfibre, cotton and linen. Before beginning, it is good to consider running a patch test on some part of the couch that is not easily visible to anyone.

1. Vacuum clean the entire area

Keep the furniture to one side and vacuum clean the empty part of the lounge. Then vacuum the empty spaces and crevices in the sofa with the long nozzle attachment of the vacuum cleaner. In the same way, clean the surfaces and arms of the sofa before going ahead.

2. Baking soda for deodorizing

Spray the entire sofa with baking soda for disinfecting and sanitizing the surface of the sofa. Baking soda will clean the surfaces of the couch of dead skin cells and animal dander that accumulates on the couch on an everyday basis. Let the baking soda spray remain on the couch for about 30 minutes before going to the next step

3. Wipe the couch

Take a microfibre cloth dipped in warm water and then wipe out the surfaces of the couch thoroughly. The dirt will get collected on the cloth. If all stains do not come out properly, it means a professional needs to step in to help you here!

This is the process generally followed for deep cleaning a lounge. There are service providers catering exclusively for lounge cleaning in Gold Coast. You can also choose from professional leather lounge cleaning services in Gold Coast for getting your lounge cleaned professionally if there is any leather upholstery in your house. Bright couch cleaning Gold Coast is a leading professional lounge cleaning service. They guarantee to provide quality upholstery cleaning services that leaves your lounge looking transformed. They provide their services to homes, offices, schools and small businesses. Their returning customer base is proof of their reliability, and expertise in restoring and returning your furniture to the original glorious state.

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